A8000RU is AC4300 Wireless Tri-band Gigabit Router complies with the latest IEEE802.11ac Wave 2 standard. It delivers speeds up to 4300Mbps. MU-MIMO and Beamforming+ technologies ensure a stable wireless connection to the Internet for multiple devices at the same time. 5GHz Wi-Fi provides a blazing-fast, lag-free Wi-Fi experience for gaming, video streaming or surfing.A8000RU is equipped with eight external 5dBi omni-directional antennas and PA+LNA wireless signal amplification module, extending Wi-Fi over larger areas. Meanwhile , supports theVPN ,Smart QoS, Game acceleration,IPV6,IPTV etc , giving users stable and high-speed Wi-Fi experience !

4300Mbps Super Speed Wi-Fi 

A8000RU complies with the IEEE802.11ac Wave2 Wi-Fi standard. It works on 2.4G and 5G simultaneously and delivers speeds up to 4300Mbps.

MU-MIMO Technology

MU-MIMO capable——Go faster by streaming simultaneously to multiple devices, ensuring a stable Wi-Fi connection to the Internet and keeping it consistently connected.

Eight External Antennas, Get Coverage Everywhere

With eight external omni-directional antennas, dual band, medium-power, and concurrent eight-stream (8 x 8) wireless architecture, it offers superior wireless performance and expands wireless coverage over larger areas.

Gigabit WAN and LAN Ports 

One Gigabit WAN and four Gigabit LAN ports deliver ultra-fast Internet, offering the same Internet-browsing experience as that in a high-speed fiber connection, ideal for users who subscribe to 200Mbps or above fiber broadband plans.

PA+LNA wireless signal amplification module

External PA (power amplifier) combined with FEM (Signal Amplification Module) to effectively improve signal transmission power and signal reception sensitivity.

Easy Setup via Smartphone UI

Use your smartphone to connect to the router’s Wi-Fi network. Open a browser on your smartphone and enter the router’s IP address to login to its setup page. Only three steps to complete the quick setup for wireless access. 

Intelligent management, easy to operate

Support mobile APP remote management, through the "TOTOLINK" APP, grasp the network and equipment situation anytime, anywhere.

Beamforming Technology for Focus Wi-Fi

The Beamforming technology allows to transmit radio signal in the direction of the connected smartphones, tablets, and laptops, thus extending Wi-Fi coverage and reducing dead spots and unnecessary RF interference.

Built-in Dual-Core CPU, High Wi-Fi Transmission Performance

The embedded high-performance Dual-Core 1.35GHz CPU can process data faster and improve wireless transmission performance, extending the wireless network range.

Multiple Modes, Various Scenarios

A8000RU supports multiple modes like Router, AP, Repeater, and WISP modes, suitable for different scenarios, such as a wireless router or an access point depending on your current environment.

- Tri-Band technology creates three separated Wi-Fi bands for more devices’ connections without degrading the Wi-Fi network performance.

- Simultaneous 800Mbps on 2.4GHz, 1733Mbps on 5GHz(1) and 1733Mbps on 5GHz(2), totaling 4266Mbps bandwidth.

- 1.35GHz Dual-Core CPU and three co-processors perform outstanding ability in data-processing without any delay.

- Full gigabit WAN port and LAN ports  support  large data streaming via cable connection.

- USB3.0 supports to share files based on the functions of FTP, Samba.

- Eight high-gain antennas improve the sensitivity of signal transmission and reception.

- Beamforming technology supports directional signal transmission and reception, reducing interference.

- MU-MIMO technology supports simultaneous communications with multiple devices, reducing network latency. 

- Supports DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP Internet connection type.

- QoS: Bandwidth Control based on IP address.

- Supports Multiple SSIDs, WPS and Wireless Scheduler.

- Supports  WPA/WPA2 MIX.

- APP Management



- 4 * 1000Mbps LAN Ports

- 1 * 1000Mbps WAN Port

- 1* Power Port 

- 1* USB 3.0 Port

Power Supply 12VDC/3.5A 


- 1 * RST Button, 

- 1* WPS Button, 

- 1* Power Button


- 1 * SYSTEM  LED,

- 1* WAN LED, 

- 4* LAN LED

Antenna - 8* external detachable antennas(4* 5G antennas + 4* 2.4G/5G antennas)
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 324mm x 203mm x 52.8mm (not including antennas)




- IEEE 802.11ac , 

- IEEE 802.11a , 

- IEEE 802.11b , 

- IEEE 802.11g ,

- IEEE 802.11n , 

RF Frequency

- 2.4GHz/5GHz

Data Rate

- 2.4GHz: Up to 800Mbps

- 5GHz(1) : Up to 1733Mbps

- 5GHz(2) : Up to 1733Mbps


- 2.4GHz < 20dBm

- 5GHz < 20dBm 

Wireless Security - WPA/WPA2 mixed

Reception Sensitivity

- 2.4G:11b 11M:-81dBm@8% PER

          11g 54M:-68dBm@10% PER

          11n HT20 MCS7:-65dBm@10% PER   

                 HT40 MCS7:-62dBm@10% PER

- 5G: 11a 54M:-68dBm@10% PER

         11n HT20 MCS7:-65dBm@10% PER    

                HT40 MCS7:-62dBm@10% PER

         11ac VHT80 MCS9:-51dBm@10% PER



Home - Quick Setup           

- Basic setup             

- Advanced setup

- QR Code

 - LED                 

- Logout                    

- Reboot


- WAN Setting            

- LAN Setting           

- DDNS Setting

- IPTV Setting            

- IPv6 Setting

WAN Type

- Static IP, 

- DHCP, 

- PPPoE/Russia PPPoE, 

- PPTP/Russia PPTP, 

- L2TP/Russia L2TP


- Basic setup              

- Guest Network(Multiple SSID)        

- Wireless Schedule   

- Access Control       

- Advanced setup

Parental Control - Internet time control based on MAC


- Up/Down speed control on WAN, 

- Bandwidth control based on IP address

Device management

- Static Route            

- Routing Table         

- IP/MAC Binding


- MAC Filtering         

- IP/Port Filtering      

- URL Filtering 


- Virtual Server(Port Forwarding)               

- DMZ    

- VPN passthrough

VPN Sever


- L2TP VPN, 

- Open VPN


- DLNA, 

- Samba,



- Upgrade Firmware    

- Time Setup              

- Remote management

- UPnP                      

- Password Settings   

- Reboot Schedule 

- Ping Diagnosis        

- Route Tracking        

- System Log and so on



Package Contents

- A8000RU Wireless Router *1

- Power Adapter *1

- Ethernet Cable *1

- Quick Installation Guide *1

Environment -Operating Temperature:0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉)
-Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃(-40℉~158℉)
-Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
-Storage Humidity:5%~90% non-condensing



What's the advantage of USB3.0?


     It is suitable for: A2000UA, A3004NS, A5004NS, A7000R, A8000RU

Application: USB3.0 is the upgraded version of USB2.0 to accelerate data transmitting rate with low power consumption. It adds more practical function base on USB2.0 such as better power management and is backwards compatible with USB2.0.

Comparison of USB3.0 and USB2.0:




Data Transmission Rate

Super Speed (5Gbps)

High Speed (480Mbps)

Full Speed (12Mbps)

Low Speed (1.5Mbps)

High Speed (480Mbps)

Full Speed (12Mbps)

Low Speed (1.5Mbps)


Full duplex

Half duplex

Cable Signal Count

Six: Four for super-speed data path

Two for non-super-speed data path

Two: Two for low-speed /full-speed /high-speed data path

Power Management

Multi-level link power management supporting idle, sleep and suspend states.

Port-level suspend with two levels of entry/exit latency.

USB3.0 Connector:


                 USB 3.0 Standard-A                    USB 3.0 Standard-B plug


                                                   USB 3.0 Micro plug


Can the USB port on the router be used to charge my mobile phones?


     It is suitable for: A2004NS, A5004NS, A6004NS, A3002RU, A3000RU, A7000R, A8000RU, T20  

Some TOTOLINK Routers are equipped with USB port, but the functions may be different. The above routers USB port can charge for mobile phones so far.