TOTOLINK®in 2019:Statement about the login problem on new version of Chrome


Due to the major changes of the security mechanism in the Chrome based on X86 operating system, some of the TOTOLINK products can’t be logged in on the Chrome new version 72.0.3626.96. In order to solve this problem, we will continually release new firmware for the users to update their TOTOLINK products.

Affected Models:

 Wireless Router: 

 F1,F2,N150RT,N300RT,N300RH-V3,N300RH-V4,N302R Plus,N100RE-V3,N200RE-V3,N210RE,N600R,A3002RU-V1,A3002RU-V2,A702R,A800R,A950RG,A3000RU,A810R,A3100R,A7000R,T10

 Wireless CPE:  


 Wireless Extender:  

EX100, EX200, EX201,EX1200

How to solve the login problem on Chrome browser?

We will release new firmware to solve the login problem as soon as possible, please visit our TOTOLINK website regularly to check the new status. Before the new firmware released, please refer the following methods to log in your TOTOLINK products.

1.Login via computer. 

Use old version (before 72.0.3626.96) of Chrome browser or change other browser,such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera , etc.

2.Login via tablet/Cellphone. 

Change other browser, such as Firefox, Opera, etc.

If any questions, please send email to  fae@zioncom.net  for help.


TOTOLINK Support Team

February 20, 2019