How to setup remote management?

     It is suitable for:N150RA, N300R Plus, N300RA, N300RB, N300RG, N301RA, N302R Plus, N303RB, N303RBU, N303RT Plus, N500RD, N500RDG, N505RDU, N600RD, A1004, A2004NS, A5004NS, A6004NS

Application introduction:The Remote Management feature allows you to manage the gateway from a remote location, via the Internet. You can use the gateway’s Internet IP Address to enter the router’s setting interface.

STEP-1: Connect your computer to the router

1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless, then login the router by entering into the address bar of your browser.


Note: The default IP address of TOTOLINK router is, the default Subnet Mask is If you can't log in, Please restore factory settings.

1-2. Please click Setup Tool icon 2.png  to enter the router’s setting interface.


1-3. Please login to the Web Setup interface (the default user name and password is admin).



Click Advanced Setup->Firewall->Mgmt Access Control on the navigation bar on the left.



Check the box to enable Remote Mgmt port and enter the desired port in the box (default port is 8080), and then click Apply button. 



Next to click Use Remote Accesslist and type in the IP allowed if you want to remotely manage by a specify IP address.



After that you can enter the setup interface by WAN IP+Remote Mgmt port.