How to configure port forwarding?

     It is suitable for:N150RA, N300R Plus, N300RA, N300RB, N300RG, N301RA, N302R Plus, N303RB, N303RBU, N303RT Plus, N500RD, N500RDG, N505RDU, N600RD, A1004, A2004NS, A5004NS, A6004NS

Application introduction: By port forwarding, the data for Internet applications can pass through the firewall of the router or gateway. This article will show you how to forward ports on your router.

STEP-1: Connect your computer to the router

1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless, then login the router by entering into the address bar of your browser.


Note: The default IP address of TOTOLINK router is, the default Subnet Mask is If you can't log in, Please restore factory settings.

1-2. Please click Setup Tool icon  2.png   to enter the router’s setting interface.


1-3. Please login to the Web Setup interface (the default user name and password is admin).



Click Advanced Setup->NAT/Routing->Port Forwarding on the navigation bar on the left.



Choose the Rule Type from the drop-down list, and then fill in the blank as below, and then click Add.


--Rule Type: User defined

--Rule Name: Set a name for rule (e.g. toto)

--Protocol: Selectable by TCP, UDP, TCP/ UDP

--External Port: open the external port

--Internal Port: open the internal port 


After last step, you can see the rule’s information and manage it.