What to do when PIN number of THE router is unknown?

     It is suitable for: N150RA, N300R Plus, N300RA, N300RB, N300RG, N301RA, N302R Plus, N303RB, N303RBU, N303RT Plus, N500RD, N500RDG, N505RDU, N600RD, A1004, A2004NS, A5004NS, A6004NS

Application introduction: If your Win 7 computer connects to the new wireless network for the first time, you need to use PIN number to connect to the network. While you can’t find PIN number on the shell of the router, you can find it by these ways.

STEP-1: Connect your computer to the router

1-1. Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless, then login the router by entering into the address bar of your browser.


Note: The default IP address of TOTOLINK router is, the default Subnet Mask is If you can't log in, Please restore factory settings.

1-2. Please click Setup Tool icon  2.png   to enter the router’s setting interface.


1-3. Please login to the Web Setup interface (the default user name and password is admin).



Click Advanced Setup->Wireless->WPS Setup on the navigation bar on the left.



You can enter the PIN code in this interface to add WPS device.



You can also stop WPS function here for not use PIN number, and then set a WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption for security on the Wireless Setup interface.