Difference between Wireless Bridge and Wireless WAN

     It is suitable for: N150RA, N300R Plus, N300RA, N300RB, N300RG, N301RA, N302R Plus, N303RB, N303RBU, N303RT Plus, N500RD, N500RDG, N505RDU, N600RD, A1004, A2004NS, A5004NS, A6004NS

Both these two repeater methods can help you to expand the wireless coverage and allow more terminals to access Internet. But since Wireless WAN need not stop DHCP Server, all PCs’ IP Addresses are assigned by the Secondary Router itself. So this method allows more PCs to access Internet than Wireless Bridge. In Wireless Bridge mode, the PCs’ permissions to access Internet are decided by Primary Router which can make users to manage the LAN more easily.