What if I cannot log into the router's setup page

 Application introduction    

After entering the management address of the router in the address bar of the browser, the management page cannot be displayed, or the page cannot be displayed after entering the management password, as shown below.

Note: Ensure that the login IP address you typed in the address bar is correct, as well as the login username and password. 


    It is suitable for:  All TOTOLINK Router    

If you can’t login the web interface of TOTOLINK, it may be related to factors such as router, line, browser or computer. Please follow the steps below for detailed troubleshooting.

  Set up steps  

STEP-1: Check line connection

The operating computer should be connected to the router and can be connected via a network cable or wirelessly.

Connect through the network cable: Operate the computer and connect to the LAN port of the router, and ensure that the indicator of the computer network cable interface and the corresponding interface of the router is on.

Wireless connection: The wireless terminal needs to connect to the router signal. When the factory setting is set, the router default Wi-Fi name and password are printed on the bottom label of the router.

Note: If the signal of the wireless router is not found, it is recommended to reset the router.

STEP-2: Check computer IP address

If the computer does not specify or obtain the correct IP address, it will be unable to log in to the management interface.

Be sure to set the IP address of the operating computer to be automatically obtained. Take the Windows 10 system wired network card as an example. For the setting method of the computer automatically obtaining the IP address, refer to the following figure.


STEP-3: Check login address

TOTOLINK router currently has three types of login addresses, and different router addresses may be different:

Management page address: itotolink.net or or

For the specific login address, please check the sticker at the bottom of the router, as shown below (take itotolink.net as an example).


After confirming the login address, open the browser, clear the address bar and enter the management address, press Enter, as shown below.


STEP-4: Check login password

If the password input box of the login management interface can be displayed, but the wrong password is entered, the management interface cannot be logged.

Our common default login password prompt box, as shown below.

Login prompt box

Default username

Default password



(Lower case letters)


(Lower case letters)

Note: If you forget the set or modified management password, you can only restore the factory settings.

STEP-5: Change your browser or computer

A. Change browser and clear browser cache

Try changing your browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., and clear your browser cache.

Delete cookies on the web browser. Here we take Google Chrome for example.

Note: In general, the browser enters the management address of the router and a 404 error pops up. Please use this method first.


B. Try to log in with your phone

If you are unable to log in using your computer, you can try to change another computer or use your mobile phone to log in to the management interface (using the mobile browser), as shown below, enter itotolink.net as an example.


STEP-6: Reset router

If you still cannot log into the router's setup page after troubleshooting according to the above methods, it is recommended to restore the factory settings. There are two types of wireless router reset buttons: RESET pin and RESET button. As shown below.


Reset method:

1. Please make sure your router’s power is on regularly, then press the

RST button for about 10s.(The RESET pin should be held with a pointed object such as a paper clip or a pen tip)

2. Loosen the button until your router’s LED lights all flashing, then you

have reset your router to default settings.

Note: Some wireless routers share a button with RESET.