How to properly download upgrade firmware of extender?

     It is suitable for: All TOTOLINK extenders


Before downloading files. please confirm the hardware version ofyour device and choose the corresponiding firmware version to uparade. 

Wrong firrmware version may damage your device and no warrante.

 Set up steps 

STEP-1: Guide for Hardware Version

For most TOTOLINK extender, you can see two bar coded stickers at the front of the device, the character string started with Model No.(for example EX200) and ended with Hardware Version (for example V1.0) is the serial number of your device. See below:



Open browser, enter www.totolink.net  Download the required files.

For example, if your hardware version is V2.0 , please download V2 version.

Note: If the hardware version is V1, V1 will be hidden.




Unzip the file, correct upgrade file name is suffixed with ”web” or “bin” (except for some special models)