How to set up the remote login router web interface?

     It is suitable for: N100RE, N150RT , N200RE, N210RE, N300RT, N302R Plus, A3002RU

 Application introduction 

If you want to manage your router anywhere on the network, you can configure it in real time and securely. The remote WEB management function enables remote management of the router where it is connected to the Internet.

Set up steps 

STEP-1:Login to the TOTOLINK router in your browser.


STEP-2: In the left menu, click System Status, check the WAN IP address and remember.


STEP-3: In the left menu, click Network ->WAN Settings. Select "Enable Web Server Access on WAN". Then click Apply.



The remote WEB management port set by the router is only needed when the external network computer accesses the router. Local area network computer access router is not affected and still uses access.


STEP-4: In external network, use WIN IP address + port access, as shown below:


Q1: Can't remote login the router? 

The service provider shields the corresponding port;

Some broadband service providers may block common ports such as 80, resulting in inaccessibility of the router interface. It is recommended to set the WEB management port to 9000 or higher. The external network user uses the set port to access the router.

2. WAN IP must be the public IP address;

The computer in the LAN accesses http://www.apnic.net. If the IP address is different from the IP address of the router's WAN port, the IP address of the WAN port is not the public IP address, which prevents the external network user from directly accessing the router interface. It is recommended to contact the broadband service provider to solve the problem.

3. WAN IP address has changed.

When the Internet access mode of the WAN port is dynamic IP or PPPoE, the IP address of the WAN port is not fixed. When using the external network access, you need to confirm the IP address of the router WAN port.