How to set up Port Forwarding on Old User Interface?

     It is suitable for: N100RE, N150RH, N150RT, N151RT, N200RE, N210RE, N300RT, N301RT , N300RH, N302R Plus, A702R, A850R, A3002RU

 Application introduction 

By port forwarding, the data for Internet applications can pass through the firewall of the router or gateway. This article will show you how to forward ports on your router, take N100RE as an example.

Set up steps 


In the left menu of the web interface, click Firewall ->Port Forwarding ->Enable.



Choose the Rule Type from the drop-down list, and then fill in the blank as below, and then click Apply.

--IP Address: IP address of the server

--Internal Port: Actual port of the server

--External Portnternal Port: Port to access the server

--Remote IP Address: Suggested blank

--Comment: Set a name for rule (e.g. totolink)



Ensure that the port successfully added to the Current Port Forwarding List.


The router's port forwarding settings are complete

Here with FTP server as an example (WIN10), check that the port forwarding is successfully.

1. Open the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Add FTP Server


2. Input the ftp site name, Select the path; Click next


3. Select the target PC address,Sets the port, Click Next;


4. Define users and permissions, Click Finish.


5. Now, you can access FTP over a LAN, Login Address:;


6. Check ROUTER WAN IP, in the public network use it to log into the FTP Server

E. g;


Normal visit, verify that the port forwarding OK