How to establish wireless connection by WPS button?

     It is suitable for: EX200, EX201

 Application introduction 

There are two methods to extend WiFi signal by Extender, you can setup the repeater function in the web-configuration interface or by pressing the WPS button. The second one is easy and fast.



Set up steps 


Please make sure your router has WPS button before setting.

Please confirm that your extender is in the factory state. If you are not sure, press the Reset button on the expander.


1.Press the WPS button on the Router. There are two types of wireless router WPS buttons: RST/WPS button and WPS button. As shown below.


Note: If router is a RST/WPS button, no more than 5s, router will be reset to factory defaults if you press it for more than 5s.

2.Press the RST/WPS button on the EX200 for about 2~3s (not more than 5s, it will reset the extender to factory default if you press it for more than 5s) within 2 minutes after pressing the button on the router.


Note: The “extending” LED will flash when connecting and become solid light when connection is successful. If the “extending” LED is off lastly, it means that the WPS connection is fail.



When it is fail to connect to the router by the WPS button, there are two suggestions we recommend for a successful connection.

1.Place EX200 near the router and power it on, and then connect with the router by the WPS button again. When connection is finished, unplug the EX200, and then you can replace the EX200 to the desired place.

2.Try to connect to the router by setting up in the extender’s web-configuration interface, please refer to method 2 in FAQ# (How to change SSID of EX200)