Introduction to the four Operation Mode of the router

     It is suitable for: All TOTOLINK routers

Application introduction 

This article will introduce the difference between Router Mode, Repeater mode, AP mode, and WISP Mode.


 Set up steps 

STEP-1: Router Mode(Gateway mode)

Router Mode, the device is supposed to connect to the internet via ADSL/Cable modem. The WAN type can be setup on WAN page, including PPPOE, DHCP client, Static IP.


STEP-2: Repeater mode

Repeater Mode, you can extend the superior Wi-Fi signal by Repeater setting function under the Wireless column to increase the coverage of the wireless signal.


STEP-3: AP mode(Bridge mode)

AP mode, the router acts as a wireless switch, you can transfer the superior's AP/Router wired signal into wireless signal.



WISP Mode, all ethernet ports are bridged together and the wireless client will connect to ISP access point. The NAT is enabled and PCs in ethernet ports share the same IP to ISP through wireless LAN.



 FAQ Common problem 

Q1: Can I log in to the TOTOLINK ID after setting the AP mode/Repeater mode?

A: TOTOLINK ID cannot be logged in after setting AP mode/Repeater mode.


Q2: How to enter the router management interface in AP mode/Repeater mode?

A: Refer to FAQ#How to login to router by manually configuring IP