How does use the TOTOLINK extender APP?

     It is suitable for: EX1200M

Application introduction 

This document describes how to extend your Wi-Fi network using the TOTOLINK extender APP. Here is an example of EX1200M.

 Set up steps 


● Press the reset button/hole on the extender to reset the expander before use.

● Connect your phone to the extender WIFI signal.

Note: The default Wi-Fi name and password are printed on the Wi-Fi card to connect to the extender.



2-1. First, open the APP and click NETX.


2-2. Check Confirm and click NEXT.


2-3. According to actual needs, select the corresponding expansion mode (default: 2.4G → 2.4G and 5G). Here is an example of 2.4G and 5G → 2.4G and 5G (parallel):

❹Select expansion mode: 2.4G and 5G→2.4G and 5G (parallel)

❺Click the “AP Scan” option to search for the corresponding 2.4G wireless network around

Enter the extended 2.4G wireless network password

❼Click the “AP Scan” option to search for the corresponding 5G wireless network around

Enter the extended 5G wireless network password

❾Click the "Save Settings and Restart" button


2-4. Click “Confirm” in the prompt box that pops up, the extender will restart, and you will see the Wi-Fi name after the reboot.




After the setup is complete, you can move the extender to a different location.


 FAQ Common problem 

1. Band modes for switching frequency ranges


2. If I want to change the Extender to extend another Wi-Fi network within the range but cannot access its configuration page now, what should I do?

A: Restore the Extender to its factory defaults and then start configuration as needed. To reset the Extender, stick a paper clip into the side panel “RST” hole and hold it for over 5 seconds until the CPU LED flashes quickly.


3. Scan the QR code to download our cell phone App for quick setup.