How to Find T10’s Serial Number and upgrade firmware

     It is suitable for: T10

 Set up steps 

STEP-1:Guide for Hardware Version

For most TOTOLINK routers, you can see two bar coded stickers underneath each device, the character string will begin with Model No.(T10) and end with the serial number for each device. See below:



STEP-2: Download Firmware

Open browser, enter www.totolink.net. Download the required files.

For example, if your hardware version is V2.0 , please download V2 version.



STEP-3: Unzip the file

The correct upgrade file name is suffixed with ”web”.



STEP-4: Upgrade Firmware

❶Click Management->upgrade firmware. ❷With configuration upgrade (if selected, the router will be restored to the factory configuration).❸Choose the firmware file you want to upload. Finally❹Click Upgrade button. Wait for a few minutes while the firmware is updating, and the router will restart automatically.



1. DO NOT power off the device or close the browser window while uploading as it may crash the system.

2. When downloading the correct firmware update, you'll want to extract and upload the Web File

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