How to Select Operation Mode of CPE Products

     It is suitable for: CP300

Application introduction:

This document describes the characteristics and application scenarios of different modes supported by TOTOLINK CPE, including Client mode, Repeater mode, AP mode and WISP mode.


Set up steps 

STEP-1: Client mode

Client mode is used to transfer wireless connection into wired connection. In Client mode, the device serves as a wireless adapter. It receives the wireless signal from root AP or station, and provides wired network for users.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2: 


STEP-2: Repeater mode

Repeater Mode In this mode,you can extend the superior Wi-Fi signal by Repeater setting function under the Wireless column to increase the coverage of the wireless signal.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:




STEP-3: AP mode

AP mode connect the superior AP/Router by wire, you can transfer the superior's AP/Router wired signal into wireless signal.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


Scenario 3:


Scenario 4:



WISP Mode In this mode, all ethernet ports are bridged together and the wireless client will connect to ISP access point. The NAT is enabled and PCs in ethernet ports share the same IP to ISP through wireless LAN.

Scenario 1:



 FAQ Common problem 

Q1: How to reset the CPE to factory default Settings?

Keep the CPE powered on, press the RESET button on CPE or Passive PoE box about 8 seconds, the CPE will restore to factory default settings.


Q2: What Can I do If I forgot the CPE’s Web Login User Name and Password?

In case you changed your CPE’s Login User Name and Password, we suggest you reset your CPE to factory default settings by above operations. Then use the following parameters to login the CPE’s Web interface:

Default IP address:

User Name: admin

Password: admin