T10 Quick Setup Guide

     It is suitable for: T10

Package Contents

• 1 T10 Master

• 2 T10 Satellites

• 3 Power Adapters

• 3 Ethernet Cables



1. Remove the power cord from your modem. Wait 2 minutes.

2. Insert an ethernet cable into your modem.

3. Connect ethernet cable from modem into the yellow WAN port of the T10 labeled Master.

4. Power on your modem and wait until it is fully booted.

5. Power on the Master and wait until status LED is blinking green.

6. Connect to the Master’s SSID labeled TOTOLINK_XXXXXX or TOTOLINK_XXXXXX_5G.

7. Once successfully connected to the Master and able to access the Internet, please change the SSID and password to that of your choosing for security reasons. Then you can position the 2 sateIIites throughout your home.

Note: The color of the sateIIite’s status LED acts as a signal strength indicator.

Green/Orange = Excellent or OK signal

Red = Poor signal, needs to be moved closer to the Master



How to set my own SSID and Password?

1. Connect to the Master using a wired or wireless connection.

2. Open a web browser and enter into the address bar.

3. Enter User Name and Password and click Login. Both are admin by default in lowercase letters.

4. Enter your new SSID and Password within the Easy Setup Page for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Then click AppIy.

Note: The default access address is located on the bottom of each unit. However, this may vary de- pending on your network configuration. In most cases, if this address does not work you may try the alternate address Also, check your Wi-Fi settings to make sure you are connected to the router you are trying to configure.


For questions or additionaI assistance in setting up your T10 WhoIe Home Wi-Fi Mesh System, pIease contact us at fae@zioncom.net