A3002RU TR069 Configuration

     It is suitable for: N100RE, N150RT , N200RE, N210RE, N300RT, N302R Plus,  A702R, A3002RU

Application introduction: This tutorial will show you how to configure TR069 feature on TOTOLINK Router devices.

Setup steps

STEP-1: Install router as the following diagram

The router WAN IP and TR069 server IP must be on the same network segment or can access each other; TR069 server needs to turn off the firewall and other functions.


STEP-2: Login router

Access Login page (Default IP: and then you need enter the Administrator information (Default ID and Password is admin).


STEP-3: WAN settings

Go to the Advanced Setting page, setup the WAN information.


STEP-4: TR069 settings

Next, setup the TR069 information.


R069 – Connection Information