How to use and set up IPTV on New User Interface?

     It is suitable for: N200RE_V5, N350RT, A720R, A3700R, A7100RU, A8000RU

Application introduction:

This article will introduce the configuration of IPTV function and will guide you to configure this function correctly


If you have already accessed to Internet and IPTV function normally by default, please ignore this article, just keep the default settings of IPTV page.

In this article, we will take N350RT as an example.

Set up steps 

STEP-1: Log in the Web-configuration interface

Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless, enter


STEP-2: Introduce of IPTV setting page

On the left menu, go to Network->IPTV Setting.


STEP-3: We can see the configuration webpage of the IPTV

Please keep the IGMP Proxy and IGMP version as default, unless your ISP told you to modify.


STEP-3: Whats the difference between different IPTV modes

There are many “mode” available in the IPTV setting page.These modes are designed for different ISPs. In other words, the mode which you need to choice is up to your ISP.


Obviously, Singapore-singtel, Malaysia-Unifi, Malaysia-Maxis, VTV and Taiwan are designed for specific ISPs. They doesnt need you to type in VLAN information, we just use this mode when ISP doesnt require VLAN settings.

User Define mode is used for some of the ISPs which require 802.1Q VLAN settings for IPTV service.

STEP-4: Whats the difference between different IPTV modes

If your ISP is singtel, Unifi, Maxis, VTV or Taiwan. Just select Singapore-singtel, Malaysia-Unifi, Malaysia-Maxis, VTV or Taiwan mode. Then you need not to type in any information more if you choose these mode, just click Apply to complete the configuration.Please refer to the steps below to configure this mode.

Here I select Taiwan Mode, LAN1 for IPTV service as an example.


STEP-5: If your ISP is not in the list and needs VLAN settings

If your ISP is not in the list and needs VLAN settings. Please select Custom mode and type in the detailed parameters manually. You need check the information to your ISP at first. Please follow the steps below to configure.


Select Enabled to open up IPTV function.

Select User Define mode

Then set LAN ports for different services. For example, here I select LAN1 for IPTV service.

The 802.1Q Tag and IPTV Multicast VLAN ID are up to your ISP. (Normally the 802.1Q Tag should be checked).

⑤⑥Type in the VLAN ID for different services, the VLAN ID should be provided by your ISP. For example, if my ISP has told me that they use VLAN 10 for Internet service, VLAN 20 for IP-Phone service and VLAN 30 for IPTV service. And the priority need not to configure.

click Apply” to complete the configuration.