How to unbind the two Mesh Router that have been bound by default

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 Background Introduction:

I bought two pairs of TOTOLINK X18 (two packs), and they have been bound with MESH at the factory. 

How to turn the two X18s into four MESH networks together?

 Set up steps

STEP 1: Unbind from the factory

1. Connect a set of factory-bound X18 to the power supply, and then connect the main device LAN (slave device LAN port) to the computer

2. Open the browser on the computer, enter, the default password is admin


3.Find Advanced Settings > Mesh Networking > Factory bound on the interface, as shown in the following figure.


After the progress bar is loaded, we complete the unbinding. At this time, both the master device and the slave device will be reset to factory settings.


4.Repeat the above operation for another pair of X18

STEP 2: Mesh Pairing

1.After the unbinding is completed, the four X18s work independently,We choose one at random, enter through the browser, 

enter the interface as shown below, and turn on the mesh networking switch


2.After waiting for the progress bar to load, we can see that the MESH is successful. At this time, there are 3 child nodes in the viewing interface


If MESH networking fails:

  1. Please confirm whether the 2 pairs of X18 are unbound successfully. If you unbind a pair, the one that is not unbound can only act as the master device.

   2. Please confirm whether the four nodes to be meshed with each other are within the coverage of the X18 WIFI. 

       You can first place the networked X18 master node attachment MESH configuration successfully, and then choose another location to place.

   3. Please confirm whether the main device is connected to the network cable or click the mesh network on the page. 

       If the MESH button is pressed directly, the network connection may not be successful.