How to Set DDNS Function on TOTOLINK Router

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  Background Introduction:

The purpose of setting up DDNS is: under broadband dial-up internet access, the WAN port IP usually changes after 24 hours. 

When the IP changes, it cannot be accessed through the previous IP address. 

Therefore, setting up DDNS involves binding the WAN port IP through a domain name. 

When the IP changes, it can be accessed directly through the domain name.

  Set up steps


Follow the steps below to connect your router.


STEP 2 :

Connect the computer to the router WiFi and enter "" in the PC browser to log in to the web management interface. 

The default login password is: admin


STEP 3 :

Set the network connection type to PPPoE, this step is to enable the router to obtain a public IP address


STEP 4 :

Select Advanced Settings ->Network ->DDNS, enable the ddns function, then select your ddns service provider 

(support: DynDNS, No IP, WWW.3322. org), and enter the corresponding service provider's username and password. 

After saving, the domain name will automatically bind to your public IP address.


STEP 5: 

After everything is set up, you can open the remote management function for testing. 

By using a dynamic domain name and port, you can access the router management page even if it is not within the same local area network. 

If the access is successful, it indicates that your DDNS settings are successful.


You can also ping the domain name through the CMD of the PC, and if the returned IP is a WAN port IP address, it indicates successful binding.