What to do if the TOTOLINK router cannot access the management page

It is suitable for: TOTOLINK All Models

1: Check wiring connections

Ⅰ: Check if the computer is connected to the LAN port of the router. If it is connected to the WAN port, it is necessary to connect the computer to the LAN port of the router;

Ⅱ:If you log in to the management interface on your mobile phone, please check if the wireless signal is connected and disconnect your mobile data before attempting to log in again;


2.Check the router indicator light

Check if the SYS indicator light of the router is flashing. The normal state is flashing. If it is constantly on or not on, please power off and restart the router, and wait for about half a minute to see if it will flash normally. If it is still constantly on or not on, it indicates that the router is faulty.

3. Check the computer IP address settings

Check if the local IP address of the computer is automatically obtained. Please refer to the documentation for the setting method  How to configure the computer to automatically obtain an IP address. 

4. Enter the login address correctly


5. Replace browser

Perhaps the browser is compatible or cached, and you can log in again with another browser


6. Replace the computer or phone to enter the interface

If there are no other browsers on the device, you can use another computer or phone to connect to the router and try logging in to the interface.

7. Router reset

If you still cannot log in after following the above methods, it is recommended to reset the router and use hardware methods (press the reset button) to reset it.

Reset method: When the router is powered on, press and hold the router RESET button for 8-10 seconds (i.e. when all indicator lights are on) before releasing it, and the router will return to its factory settings. (RESET small hole should be pressed with a pointed object such as a pen tip)