How to set parental control function on TOTOLINK router

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  Background Introduction:

Controlling the online time of children at home has always been a concern for many parents. 

TOTOTOLINK's parental control function perfectly solves parents' worries.

  Set up steps

STEP 1: Log in to the wireless router management page

In the browser address bar, enter: itoolink.net. 

Press the Enter key, and if there is a login password, enter the router management interface login password and click "Login".


STEP 2 :

Select Advanced ->Parental Controls, and open the "Parental Controls" function


STEP 3 :

Add new rules, scan all device MACs connected to the router, and select the devices that need to be added with control


STEP 4 :

Set the time period for allowing internet access, and add it to the rules after completing the setting.

The following figure shows that devices with MAC 62:2F: B4: FF: 9D: DC can only access the internet from 18:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday



At this point, the parental control function has been set up, and the corresponding devices can only access the network within the corresponding time range


Note: To use the parental control function, select the time zone in your region