How to Set up Remote Web Access on TOTOLINK Wireless Router

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  Background Introduction:

Remote WEB management can log in to the router's management interface from a remote location through the Internet, and then manage the router.

  Set up steps

STEP 1: Log in to the wireless router management page

In the browser address bar, enter: itoolink.net. Press the Enter key, and if there is a login password, enter the router management interface 

login password and click "Login".



1. Find advanced settings

2. Click on the service

3. Click on Remote Management and Apply



1. We check the IPV4 address obtained from the WAN port through advanced system status settings


2.You can access the mobile network through your phone, as shown in the figure below, with WAN IP +port number


3. The WAN port IP may change over time. If you want to access remotely through a domain name, you can set up DDNS. 

   For details, please refer to: How to Set DDNS Function on TOTOLINK Router

Note: The default web management port of the router is 8081, and remote access must use the "IP address: port" method 

         (such as http;//wan port IP: 8080) to log in to the router and perform web interface management. 

         This feature requires restarting the router to take effect. If the router sets up a virtual server to occupy port 8080, 

         it is necessary to modify the management port to a port other than 8080. 

         It is recommended that the port number be greater than 1024, such as 80008090.