TOTOLINK has created many tech tip videos for customers to get more aware of how to use its products, including hardware connection, software settings and driver installation.

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Best 01 N300RT(N100RE N200RE N150RT N302R Plus)Wireless SSID password settings 11413
Best 01 How to use and set up IPTV? 11368
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Best 01 How to setup AP Client mode? 10437
Best 01 A720R Quick Installation Guide 10077
Best 01 How to setup remote management? 8018
How to establish wireless connection by WPS button? 4394
How to log in to extender by manually configuring IP? 703
How to set up Port Forwarding on Old User Interface? 1161
How to set up Port Forwarding on New User Interface? 3502
How to set up the remote login router web interface? 4981
T10 Reset settings 1361
How to export the router's system log by E-mail? 810
EX200 Reset settings 1016
How to properly download installation driver of adapter? 601
How to properly download upgrade firmware of extender? 793